How vulnerable is your organization to external threats?
Malicious actors are already scanning your endpoints and gaining knowledge of your vulnerabilities. Take advantage of our licensed tools so we can show you what the bad guys already know.

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Blind Visibility and Exposure

Blind Internet footprint analysis to ensure that only the information and systems needed for business purposes are exposed to the Internet.

Distributed Denial of Service Assessment

Simulated distributed denial of service attack to test the resilience of networks, applications and systems to distributed attacks (such as botnets).

Perimeter Security Assessment

External vulnerability assessment, manual validation and penetration testing of Internet facing networks, systems, sites and applications.

Cloud Security Assessment

In-depth, platform specific review of cloud-based application infrastructure and underlying components to assess compliance with security best-practices.

Web Application Security Assessment

Credentialed and/or non-credentialed vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of web-based and intranet applications to validate security.

Wireless Security Assessment

Ensures protection against unauthorized access to wireless networks and wireless data, and verifies segregation of guest access from private networks.

Founded in 1998, HIPAA Compliance Protection is a partnership that joins the Centristic cyber platform with end-to-end compliance experts that empower your firm with a leading compliance team; effective compliance management tools, monitoring, and reporting.
Our services encompass the entire compliance, information security and cyber security management life cycle from assessment, strategy and design, to implementation and operational services. Our engagement with your team includes training and education to ensure your team is an equally strong link in the chain of compliance.
Our unique solution leverages artificial intelligence and managed security services to eliminate the effort required to achieve and monitor compliance across rapidly evolving legislation and technologies. Moreover, the HIPAA Compliance Protection Platform brings automation to risk and vulnerability assessments to provide real-time monitoring; a first in the industry. With exceptional accolades, testimonials, and 20+ years of business success as the result of our efforts.

Total Solution
End-to-end solution for compliance and risk management.
Achieve efficiencies in identification and remediation of vulnerabilities.
Gain visibility to accurately measure your risk posture in real-time.
Monitor compliance across rapidly evolving legislation and technologies.
How well protected are you from external threats?

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